Q. What is Hi-cent Tea ?
A. Hi-cent Tea is a natural immune system booster tea.

Q. Can you drink Hi-cent Hot ?
A. Yes you can drink Hi-cent tea Hot or Cold.

Q. Any artificial used?
A. Hi-cent was made with 100% real fruits and organic sugar cane.

Q. Does Hi-cent tea use organic fruits?
A. No. However we hand pick the best fruits.

Q. Does Hi-cent tea have added sugar?
A. Yes. Hi-cent tea does have added sugar from organic sugar cane.

Q. Can you drink Hi-cent tea after it 14days?
A. Yes you can but we recommend you drink it within 14 days when refrigerated to enjoy its optimal taste. However if you wish to have it beyond 14 days keep it frozen.

Q. Can you freeze Hi-cent tea?
A. Yes you can and it can be preserved for over a month.

Q. Can my kids drink Hi-cent tea?
A. Of course! We’ve designed the taste profiles so that kids love the teas too.

Q. Where do you ship?
A. At this time, we only ship domestically within the Continental United States