All made with ginger, lemon and natural sweeteners.

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What Makes Us Different


100% Natural Ingredients

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Let our taste WOW you!!!

Nutrition Benefits

Helps reduce the risk of cancer, reduce blood pressure and boost immunity

Prevent Anemia, Vitamin K, high in fiber

Vitamin C, Antioxidants, help prevent kidney stone and heart disease

Helps prevent constipation, diabetes, managing blood pressure

High in vitamin c and high in fiber. great source of vitamin k and loaded with antioxidants

High in vitamin c, high fiber, helps with bloating and a guard against cancer and infections

Nausea relief, heals ulcers, helps with cold and flu like symptoms

High in vitamin C, vitamin K, high in antioxidants and fiber

High in vitamin C, helps lower blood pressure, high in antioxidants and fiber, Helps urinary tract infections

Questions and answers (FAQs)

Q. What is Hi-cent Tea ?
A. Hi-cent Tea is a natural immune system booster tea.

Q. Can you drink Hi-cent Hot ?
A. Yes you can drink Hi-cent tea Hot or Cold.

Q. Any artificial used?
A. Hi-cent was made with 100% real fruits and organic sugar cane.

Q. Can you drink Hi-cent tea after it 14days?
A. Yes you can but we recommend you drink it within 14 days when refrigerated to enjoy its optimal taste. However if you wish to have it beyond 14 days keep it frozen.

Q. Can you freeze Hi-cent tea?
A. Yes you can and it can be preserved for over a month.